Defining a new visual direction for Peloton instructor launches that enhances the storytelling behind their incredible stories and transition to becoming an instructor. Introducing Susie Chan︎︎︎, Joslyn Thompson Rule︎︎︎, Tobias Heinze︎︎︎, Marcel Maurer︎︎︎, Marina Andresen︎︎︎ and Jeffrey Mc Eachern︎︎︎ #FA21

Role ︎︎︎
Art direction, Design direction, Concept development, Design
Created in-house @ Peloton. Film by Tom Cockram and Shaun James Grant, photography by Tom Cockram and Becca Naen. Creative direction with Shwan Hamidi & Josh Price, production by Sarah Hernandez Bedford, Anna Caradice, Bronagh McKenna & OB management, project management by Nikita Longdon, & Kat Brazil. Edit by Matt Dodimead, Leander Camesasca & Samantha Neal, music/sound by clapp london, copy direction by Flo Lorenz, Alanna Jones & Tom Hopkins and assist design by Tim Kay & Sarah Leeming.