Connecting the inspirations of influential designers/stores across the globe to their loyal followers, the renowned video series went fully digital for episodes with Mita Sneakers and Recouture in the lead up to the launch of the adidas confirmed app. #SP/FA20

Role ︎︎︎
Design direction, Design, Storytelling, Script
Created @ LaFamilia for adidas. Film by Pablo Rivera and Santiago Arbelaez, photography and retouch by Jake Millers, produced by Bea Alessio, edited by Diego Fernandez and Islam Faris, sound by Islam Faris, animation by Thomas Porras and Tom McCarten, and talent, Shun Hirose of RECOUTURE, Shigeyuki Kunii of Mita Sneakers, Masafumi Watanabe, Beth and Rio Holland of Pam Pam London.